Blinds and shutters in Barcelona – Vertical & Venetian

Blinds and shutters in Barcelona - Vertical & Venetian 1

We are professionals in blinds and shutters in Barcelona and surroundings, we repair any type of aluminum, pvc, wood, local etc.

We have very tight prices and speed is one of our mottos, because we know how important it is for you fast repairs and quality.

We find many types of repairs, our technicians are trained to repair any failure that occurs.

  • Change of tapes
  • Broken or clogged blades
  • Replacing straps
  • Axes that are stuck
  • Broken tapes output
  • Pickers that do not pick up the tape
  • Electric blind that does not fall
  • Electric motors that do not work
  • Blind of local that do not work well
  • Change of steel cable

All these repairs and many more repaired within 24 hours, Do not hesitate to call us and check it.

If repair is not possible within a maximum period of 48 hours, you will have your new blind if it were the case, you will have the best advice from our persianists to carry out the best repair for your home.

Experts in Barcelona and the metropolitan area

Most common questions :

How to repair roller shutters

Most of the time the problem arises because of some lama that with years is worn out, the solution is to change the lama for another one of the same model and measured by the drawer of the blind.

persiana aluminio enrollable Barcelona

Blinds that get stuck

Surely it is that some lama touches with the guides or the axis does not work correctly. The right solution to open the drawer and see where the problem is, replace the part that is wrong. Tip not to force too much since it can be worse and break some strapping and in your case it would be worse the repair.

Blind that does not come down

This problem is very common, usually the stopper is stuck, it is a very simple repair, pulling a bit of the rope and pushing the blade down would be repaired.

If it is motorized it is better to call a technician since it is much more complicated to repair by oneself.

Blind that make noise

If they make noise the best thing is to look at how you have the guides, there are tricks like greasing the guides a little. If it does not work, it would be a matter of changing the slats since they are probably very worn and that’s why it makes noise.

Other times, the noise is produced by the motor in this case I advise to call a persianist to look at it since the repair with all the slats up is usually very complicated. If you see that the engine is not working well, our advice is to immediately call a technician, to avoid major problems in the blind.

Blind that make noise with the wind

This problem is very common, especially with very strong wind, but if it is normal wind and makes noise that is because the blind has too much slack, in that case you have to adjust the guides or change it whole.

Blind that does not rise

Frequently it is because the shaft has fallen, it is a very simple repair, just put the shaft in its place. If it is not the axis surely it is the slats that are worn, in that case you have to change them.

Change a blind tape

cinta de persiana rota

There are basically two types of tapes one wider than the other, you have to open the record and change the old tape for the new one going through the tape outlet to the collector, if you see that the collector is very old make the change and so It will work much better.

Change the cable of a blind with a crank

It is similar to the replacement of one with tape, the only thing that is changed is the cable you have to be more careful and tighten the cable well so that it goes perfectly you have to be careful with the cable since you can cut easily.

Blind electric blocked

There are several motives broken engine, broken strapping, engine off-hook, slats out of guides.

  • The straps have broken and do not do anything to the slats with which it can not rotate the slats and does not rise
  • The engine is broken there is nothing to replace it with a new one
  • Engine has been released from the support so the slats do not rise due to being stuck
  • The slats in the drawer where they are rolled some has moved of guide this happens enough when the shutter is cleaned, for that reason we advise to clean them in vertical and never in horizontal

The blind is lowered alone by itself

This usually happens because the picker does not hold the tape solution:

  • Look in the pick-up that the tape is well placed, go through the right place as there are two entry sites one is correct the other is not
  • The dustpan does not hold enough because it is deteriorated, then it is changed by another to fix the problem

How to change the blind rope

We explain how to do it in a very fast way:

  • We remove the stops, open the drawer and take the shaft out
  • We replace the rope by making a knot to give it a stop, notice how the previous rope was
  • We pass the rope through the tape outlet to the dustpan
  • We wrap the tape in the picker about five laps and then we check that everything works
  • We finally put the bumpers back and close the drawer

Which blinds are safer

Its main characteristics are the following:

  • They are made of extruded aluminum making the slats resist shocks and levers of thieves
  • They are much more consistent weigh about 10 kilos per square meter, with autoblocante not to upload
  • They are motorized because their weight is quite considerable, so when opening or closing them is automatic and precise
  • The price is more expensive since they are of much more quality, but they insulate more and in this way you will get a better energy saving, taking into account this fact they do not come out so expensive
  • They have an automatic locking mechanism in case the slats are forced from the outside

Self-locking shutters

They are the same as security as its name suggests, they have a locking mechanism when you want to enter from the outside.

When you notice that there is an abnormal force from outside, your mechanism completely blocks it, you can only climb inside with your engine.

Motors for electric shutters

mando a distancia persianas somfy

Today there are a large number of brands of engines the best known is Somfy,Nice, Elero, Julius Mayer, Blue engine …

All the motors that we install comply with the highest quality standards.They are of great durability, protection for overheating and low energy consumption. To know more of electric shutter motors.

Aluminum blinds versus plastic blinds? Which of them is better for your home?

The aluminum ones last longer and are of better quality, that means that they are more expensive about 25% approximately, but it is really worth installing the aluminum, our customers always recommend the aluminum ones over the plastic ones.

They are filled with polyurethane, they insulate much more and do not deform with the sun.

Shutter motorisation yes or no

We recommend motorizing for several reasons:

  • Electricians suffer less than with tape or rope
  • They have no tape output for what you gain by not having contact with the outside either acoustic or thermal
  • They are very comfortable you can upload or download from the sofa
  • You can domotize the house and upload or download them when you want one or several at a time
  • Highly recommended for stores

Sewn Blinds

As its name indicates they are united and can not be moved by being linked and in this way it avoids annoying noises and problems that may arise in the medium term. We advise you and recommend the sewing of domestic slats.

Aluminum blinds

cajon obra persiana

Our installers recommend the following:

  • R45 profiled aluminum is 45mm straight with injected polyurethane. One of the best quality prices are very durable and can be installed either with electric motor or with tape. They have a weight of 3kg per square meter.
  • C45 profiled aluminum curve 45mm with injected polyurethane. This model is the same as the previous one but it is curved instead of straight, it is very good quality and economical. It weighs 2.34 kg per square meter.

Our services

Blinds repair Barcelona

If you need a quick and cheap professional repair do not hesitate to contact us.We have all the materials to be able to repair it on the same day. Thanks to our installers who have extensive experience and training.

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Blinds installation Barcelona

If you want to change your blind and install a new call us and we offer you the best in the market. We have a wide catalog to assemble the ones that best suit your windows. Our installers will inform you of the best solution.

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Motorization blinds Barcelona

If you need a quality engine we have a wide catalog of electric motors for your windows. Both with remote control or interuptor our installers will inform you of any doubt you have and we will put you the best quality price.

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Blinds of local Barcelona

If you are interested in a local blind. We will advise you which one may interest you more depending on what you are looking for, if you need maximum security because it is a jewelry store, or if you want the showcase to be shown.We have a wide range of engines to raise and lower the blinds of your store.
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If you need any budget do not hesitate to contact us we offer you the best prices in the market

Parts of a blind

Here you have a video that explains very well the most important parts in this way you will have a more precise idea of ​​its operation:

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